Google Moves Against Guest Blogging – March 2014

Google made two more moves against guest blogging in the last month:

1. Google penalizes a site connecting content marketers and webmasters

Content marketing is all about getting your information out to interested webmasters. Google recently penalized a site that simply connects those with content to those with websites. The content varied in form: guest posts, infographics, eBooks, etc. What was the issue exactly?! Having a meeting place to connect great content with great websites SHOULD be win-win. It’s a much better option than spam email hawking content or seeking links from any webmaster that will listen. So, is it wrong to try to connect authors and publishers? Is the editorial value of a link lessened where it was easier to connect to the webmaster?

2. Google penalizes an entire website based upon one guest post it considered off-topic

Doc Sheldon, a longtime SEO copywriter, was penalized based on a single guest post he hosted. The posting was about social media to Hispanic audiences, but aroused the interest of Google. And not in a good way. Social media marketing is closely aligned with SEO, and the penalty feels arbitrary – if not confusing. Is Google spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt? Only one thing is clear: Webmasters and business owners are being held accountable 100% for the content on their own website.

So what to do?Hyper Dog Media Denver SEO

Create a content generating, curating, sharing machine. Sharing content can be a minefield these days, but a safe way forward is:

1. Post full versions of your content to your site, but also Google+, LinkedIn, and promote your content at other relevant places around the web.

2. Tag your content with rich snippets, Facebook open graph, and Twitter cards to increase it’s “sharability” and categorization.

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