How we got our name

Aside from our passion for search engine optimization (SEO) and long-tail keywords, we are also passionate about dogs. Frosty was our original hyper dog, and the company name was inspired in jest by her. We soon realized her traits were how we wanted to look at our life and business. If you’re going to do it, do it with enthusiasm! Frosty lived almost 14 years, and we developed a soft spot for hyper dogs. Years later, we saw that same gleam in Sophie’s eyes, and we rescued her from the Casper, WY Humane Society. Like Frosty and Sophie, we always aim to please and are hyper vigilant about creating fast, legitimate SEO results.

In honor of hyper dogs everywhere, our Denver SEO agency and its members have donated or volunteered for a wide variety of animal-related causes, including the Foothill Animal Center (Lakewood, CO), Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (Fort Collins) and the Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation (Alleyton, Texas).

After our clients learned about our love of dogs, they began sharing their pet stories and pictures with us which gave birth to the Hyper Dog Pet Gallery.

We invite you to email us a picture of your pet to be proudly displayed in our online gallery. We prefer jpg files no larger than 300k. Email your photos and dog’s name to [email protected]