SEO Keyword Research

It all starts with keyword research

There’s no getting around it, keywords are the heartbeat of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And chances are good that you are targeting keywords which are not your best-performing keywords.

Our approach to keywords is pragmatic and flexible. And once we get your website ranking strongly on your primary set of keywords, we then shift our focus to your secondary set of keywords using a variety of techniques including link building.

Usually clients want to understand their keyword targeting plan, so we take the time to make sure you understand:

What makes a keyword a high-performer
Which keywords are driving the most website traffic
Which keywords are driving your leads and sales
Negative keywords and their role
How your website really ranks on your current keywords
How to fix your website to fully leverage selected keywords
How your competitors are using keywords
What your unique combination of keywords should be
How you can target your unique combination of keywords
If you’re going to dive into SEO, let us help you avoid the most common keyword mistakes.