Analytics Consulting & Reporting Dashboards

Web analytics, your new best friend

Surprisingly there are lots of websites out there with no available analytics. But if your website is going to be your primary marketing machine, you need web analytics to compare results month after month.

Gone are the days of tedious reports that talked about “hits” and offered no data visualization.

You can have an analytics report (or dashboard) that has as many colors, pie charts, line graphs or bar graphs as your heart desires! You will see how many visits each keyword is producing, average time visitors spend on your website, how many visitors convert into leads, what percent of visitors are new visits and what percent of visitors are bouncing off your website (i.e. bounce rate).

We work with a number of web analytics platforms that work in the cloud and easily download to PDF formats. We also offer free training on how to read your reports, including which metrics you should pay extra attention to depending on your goals and situation.

There is real power in establishing and monitoring your web analytics, let us make it your new best friend.