Enterprise SEO

Findability on the web is the new corporate battleground.

We see it all the time: clients at large companies can’t get their search engine optimization efforts moved up IT’s priority list. Meanwhile, competitors creep up the search engine rankings and erode your share of the market on your very own keywords.

To correct this, we’ve developed a seamless enterprise package that gets hyper fast results using only white hat techniques (your tech “geeks” will love it) and keep your website off the black lists.

How do we do it? We start by understanding your real goals and challenges. We focus on the current and future landscape. We test and retest keywords. We audit your existing website for SEO opportunities. We monitor over 13,000 directories. We vigilantly develop a customized Keyword Targeting Plan just for you. And we communicate directly with our friend, Googlebot, over 10,000 times per day via our proprietary RSS network.

It’s time to protect your search engine rankings and stop letting your competitors steal your visitors.

It always starts with you!