SEO Audits

Websites: Always a work in progress.

We get it, you built a website and now you are hoping you are “done”.

And we know, a website audit can sound kind of scary. Clients often fear the worst. But rest assured, when we perform website audits, it’s often in the details that you find the biggest opportunity for improvement. Often, these overlooked details just need a quick and easy fix to maximize your SEO. And many times these items are easy fixes.

With all website audits our goal is the same— to optimize your website relative to the keywords your audience is using in their searches. And we pledge to make our audit process painless and eye-opening.

When we audit your website, we look at a variety of criteria, including:

Cleanliness of your code and overall structure
Relevance of your website’s content
How accessible your website is to the major search engines
Popularity of your website
Overall competitiveness of your website within its industry.
And when we finish, you’ll get a practical and tactical audit report that you and your technical folks will actually understand, we guarantee it.