Social Media Optimization: Important Real Estate

If you haven’t setup profiles for your organization on the larger social media websites, you might be missing out on an important opportunity for branding and online reputation management.

1. Branding URLs exist on many social media websites
Major companies are increasingly spreading URLs like in their marketing campaigns, and these destinations have become important virtual real estate. Losing control of such a visible page location could damage a company’s online reputation and negatively influence branding campaigns.

2. Social Media destinations may be difficult to reclaim
Myspace urges users to choose their profile destination wisely, saying it can NEVER be changed. That’s right – NEVER. If you are the first Corey Ryder or David Soard on a social media site, then you are the first. I think that’s more of a function of customer service than technology, but expect it to be a lengthy process possibly involving lawyers if you ever want to change your name. It’s much better now to spend an hour creating profiles on social media websites. And while you’re there, take a look around. Did your competitors think to create their profiles?

3. Think carefully about your brand before adding content
As important as it is to claim your profiles, be careful of the message your profile may send. A local telecommunications company had “Does not want children” in their myspace profile. Not only is this harmful to the brand, but also detracts from the main message. And remember: makes anything posted on the internet live FOREVER.

With new social media websites popping up everyday, where should you focus? Make a list of social media websites where your branding is most important. What sites would your potential customers and partners visit? What sites have the most visibility? Now that you have your list, spend that Friday afternoon staking your claims – your online reputation will thank you!

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