MSN adCenter Update: Will it compare to Google AdWords?

For those of you not currently signed up with MSN adCenter, you may want to give it a look(starting tomorrow).

On April 26, 2007, we’re upgrading Microsoft adCenter with the improved navigation, reporting, and campaign management features from our beta site…

While I currently like some of the MSN adCenter demographic targeting and PPC keyword bargains, I think they have room for improvement. Will this be MSN’s “Panama” upgrade that catches it up to Google? We’ll know soon enough!
Also from the email:

Additional feature upgrades will also occur on April 28, 2007. During this upgrade, adCenter will be unavailable for up to 24 hours starting at 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time. Your ads will continue to run as scheduled during both adCenter upgrades.

With these upgrades, you’ll experience new features that will allow you to:

Search within your campaigns. Use full text search to easily find ads, keywords, ad groups, campaigns, and accounts. Please note that orders are now called ad groups.
Save important items in Favorites. Tag your campaign items for follow-up using Favorites.
Quickly navigate your accounts. Use the improved navigation to quickly navigate to any campaign or ad group in your account.
Easily access help content. Hover over the green question mark icons for pop-up help tips.1
Manage keywords faster. Bulk edit keyword settings and delete low-performing keywords.
Save time importing campaigns. Directly import your campaigns from other search advertising programs.
One click downloads. Download your datasets into Excel with one click.
And more! View our blog and watch the webinar for tips and training on these new features.
If you have any questions, please contact our adCenter support team.


The Microsoft adCenter Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you upgrading Microsoft adCenter?

Over the past few months, we’ve been running improvements on the adCenter beta site, which has been available to customers in our U.S. Content Ads pilot. Now, it is time to share these new and improved features with all advertisers.

Will my campaigns be affected?

Your campaigns will continue to run as scheduled. With this upgrade, using adCenter is now easier and more efficient. The updates provide you with improved campaign management, navigation, and reporting.

Where can I learn more about the most recent updates to adCenter?

Our webinar, walks you through the features that will be included in this upgrade, and additional information can be found on our adCenter blog.

1 This feature will be available after the April 28, 2007 upgrade.

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