Microsoft’s new “Behavioral Targeting”

Microsoft is increasing personalizing ads given to it’s users. Microsoft says privacy is kept intact, and advertisers using Microsoft’s new Adcenter Pay-Per-Click(PPC) service are indeed seeing higher click-through rates(CTR). So, what’s the problem? It sounds like a win-win, and behavioral targeting will certainly be seen with increasing emphasis at Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and other PPC advertising providers.

In a discussion of the article on, one user writes:
Microsoft and friends are going to push ads at us either way, I would just as soon see ads for stuff that I am actually interested in. When I go to a store and the salesman knows me well enough to actually be helpful I chalk that up to good service. Why should a website be any different?

Has anyone noticed the behavior targeted ads – rolled out in September in the United States? Do you prefer them? Let us know what you think.

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