Denver SEO Meetup – 1 Year Anniversary

It’s been one whole year since our President Jim Kreinbrink founded the Denver SEO Meetup. We have now had 13 meetups, with 119 members and growing. Expectations about the number and types of SEOs we’d meet have been exceeded, as noted Denver SEO professionals large and small have attended. Among our top lessons:

1. We have great synergies with attendees from related industries
Several great contributors to the Denver SEO Meetup aren’t even SEOs – they are affiliate or internet marketing professionals from the Denver/ Boulder area. Or SEO folks looking to hire/ be hired. While the group is targeted toward full-time SEO professionals, it’s been a happy accident that we’ve also attracted so many other great members.

2. Denver Web Designers and Webmasters attend, expecting a learning group
Several webmasters have attended or joined the group, and left disappointed when free SEO training wasn’t offered. All Denver SEO experts started as beginners at some point, but the meetup is really targeted toward socializing – not educating. Unfortunately, there have been hurt feelings. We have heard the cries, and are working in conjunction with Colorado SEMPO to provide a mixture of educational programs in addition to this social event.

3. SEOs like beer, wine and socializing, not laser tag
The Denver SEO meetup was initially a lasertag group. Of one. It didn’t take long to figure out that should change.

4. Denver SEOs are normal people. Even the “Black Hats”. Especially the “Black Hats”.
Denver SEOs have families, pet sites, hobbies, etc. Even the black hats. More than just search engine optimization rules their worlds. Some of the best SEO conversations have started about families, pets, travel, and things without any acronyms whatsoever.

If you are a Denver SEO Firm, search marketing agency, SEO freelancer – or a curious Black Hat – consider this an invitation to join the group. To socialize, network, and relax a little. Hope to see you there!

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