4 Places to find keywords for your SEO / PPC campaigns

What is an SEO or PPC campaign without the right keywords? Great keyword targets have a good amount of traffic, and a hopefully small amount of competition. Before you can even start measuring such things, however, you must create a broad list of keywords. Here’s where to start:

1. Keyword research  / suggestion services
Services like WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery and even Google Suggest can give a great idea of the traffic surrounding certain keywords, as well as the variations of keywords a site should target.

2. Analytics / Statistics
If you currently have analytics or web visitor statistics on your website, it is very helpful to look at how existing customers have found your site. If you haven’t loaded Google Analytics, it is quite easy – and free!

3. Brainstorming / Asking customers
Great keywords can also be found, just be interviewing current customers with “How did you find us?” Even a quick glance at your business plan can lead you to a few new ideas on how prospective customers might find you.

4. Competitors
Competitor websites can be a treasure trove of keywords. Scan their source code for a keywords metatag, if present. Also look at the keywords in their page titles by searching google for:

These four methods should lead you to plenty of keywords for your next campaign.

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