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Make sure your site is accessible when Googlebot visits

For all of the attention paid to “On-Page Relevance” and “[tag]Link Popularity[/tag]”, SEO begins with accessiblity. Are your websites [tag]search engine friendly[/tag]? Follow our checklist below to measure: A. Search Engine Point of View Surf your site from a search engine’s point of view. Download and Install Firefox and the Fangs Extension. By experiencing the […]

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How are you handling 404 pages?

Yahoo has incorporated a new feature in it’s slurp bot to find how your website is handling missing pages. Yahoo occasionally may be requesting random gibberish URLs on your server – usually with slurpconfirm404 in them – to see how missing pages are being handled on your server. Understanding how Search Engine robots are crawling […]

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Brand your site with a Favicon

Favicons are the small icons you might see for sites in your favorites¬† / web bookmarks. While they have been around a while, some browsers show them to you more prominently than others. IE 7, due out any time now, uses the tabbed browsing features that have made Firefox, Flock and Safari such popular browsers. […]

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