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Content Marketing, a great longterm organic strategy

Realize that if you have a website, you are a publisher. Google did not have any major(public) algorithm updates last month, but has nevertheless kept very busy levying penalties. Websites have become more than an online brochure, and the best way to outclass your competition is by providing better content - and probably at a rate higher than you are now. So where to start? Create a content generating, curating, sharing machine:

  • A. Generate
    - What interesting experiences, statistics or projects has your company been involved in?
    - What makes your offerings different from a competitor's website? You should be blogging about these topics.
  • B. Curate
    - Are there articles your audience might find interesting? Sharing helpful information is a positive contribution, providing links and exposure!
    - Or how about viral video you'd like to share? Sometimes your audience might appreciate a bit of entertainment too.
  • C. Sharing
    - Post full versions of your content to your site, but also Google+, linkedin, and promote your content at other relevant places around the web. That's the new link building: It's about earning links for contributing.
    - Tag your content with rich snippets, facebook open graph, twitter cards to increase it's "sharability" and categorization. Even though Google doesn't count facebook or twitter for ranking purposes, that content can still bring you prospects and even inbound links!

And while some SEO providers will offer “mass” content distribution approach, we take a quality over quantity approach so that every piece of content becomes a long term asset for your website.

Building and marketing branded content is a future-proof, long term marketing strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content creation and promotion. The most common content marketing strategies are:
Content Marketing

  • Guest blogging
    While you may already be creating excellent content for your own site, have you thought about creating and distributing content for other sites? We can research and - where needed - contact guest bloggers. Great content on great blogs can produce relevant traffic, authority backlinks, and a reputation for thought leadership in your industry.
  • Content distribution
    Excellent content is an investment of time and energy in itself, but often content is not distributed fully. To maximize existing content, we can assist in distributing it to various places. Examples of content that can be distributed include: infographics, widgets, webinars, videos, press releases, articles, presentations, animations, and other content. Our eye toward relevant traffic sources and authoritative backlinks make this an especially powerful tactic for search engine rankings and overall visibility.
  • Link bait
    We can help identify opportunities for content creation that could generate a viral spike of traffic. Done correctly, your content can be spread throughout your industry and create links at important industry related sites. Google grants extra trust and authority to .edu and .gov websites, as well as others. Finding link opportunities on these sites can be demanding, and require new content to be developed. But with the right combination, these links can provide the authority to boost rankings significantly. When targeting a “link bait” opportunity, we can help you craft an email - or provide outreach services for you.
  • Social Content Campaigns
    We help you connect, inform, and provide. Social media users frown on self promotion; We'll help you maximize your content across your communities while protecting your brand.